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Project Description
CFScript is an ANT-like scripting system for Compact Framework. Tasks like copying files, setting registry values o install CAB files can be done with CFScript.

The main target of this project is to provide Compact Framework developers script execution on Windows Mobile devices. The scripts are in XML format. The root node of the XML document has an options child and then a list of tasks. Is very similar to ANT scripts, but simpler.

There're tasks for copying, renaming, moving and deleting files, also for setting values in registry and install .CAB files. Process management will be also available (close/kill application by PID or name).

Sample script:

<cfs author="" timestamp="26/05/2012" comments="Scripts version 1.1.0">
<onError action="continue"/>
<set name="version" value="1.2.5"/>
<file action="delete" path="/${ProgramFiles}/${AppName}/${version}*.log"/>
<install cabFile="/${ProgramFiles}/${AppName}/update/CF_3.5.CAB"/>


The project is still in an early state, so it isn't 100% operative. Use at your own risk.

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